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Insight into the Author


It feels as though I have a 'view from the bridge' as the late Dr. Chancellor Williams once put it.  Black males being stuck to the bottom in most categories is not aleatory.  Amid a bridge with a view of the past on one side, scrying into the future as we walk forward on the other by a connecting structure called the present - brings evocative images when I think of the fate of black males.  I'm calling for a readjustment in thought for black men to have a cross-class collaboration.  The future is glum, and if we don't prioritize the black males' need for reparative justice first, the black family and black community will be no more.

Pieces of a Man

The Précis

My writings serve as a scaffolding for the contribution of labor towards the advocacy for black males.  At a time where linear regression besets our demographic relegated to a perpetual proletariat class and intermittent successes are used to mask our failures; honesty is yet latent.   Gendering has become problematic in this country because the acolytes of white supremacy who subscribe to the theory of intersectional feminism have sculptured and developed this concept primarily as a class marker.  Further metastasizing the woes of black males.  Today, black men that rail against these theories with data driven verifiable facts moored by the rudders of history are at the tip of the spear, and often risk not only their careers, but castigation as social pariahs.  This has become a promethean task.


White men have used white women to shoehorn into certain gains of the civil rights movement and the black liberation struggle imperceptibly.  Using black women for race and implementing sex and gender were the angle, buttressed by specious theories that sometimes made sense upon first reflection.  In Law the term is prima facie.


Remaining empirically grounded and normatively informed, I also sauntered down the path of reflective equilibrium to produce the article 'Pieces of a Man'.  There are racist propagandists and pettifogging class hucksters that would have black men believe that our conditions exist 'ex nihilo' by the creator and through the notion of autopoiesis - self reproduction - we've remained stagnant.  This piece begins to pierce through this bladerdash and examine the links between the tyranny we've suffered, the trajectory of our lives socially, politically, and economically as a demographic resulting from that experience, and the thriving local businesses that sprang into existence from these theatrical, declamatory productions made of spectacle lynchings.  


Binding certain things written in history, staccato as a devise of confusion, my work seeks to elucidate and advocate for the rights and needs of black men and boys first; and just maybe spark the minds of others around lengthening the battlefield in the case for reparations, and perhaps more importantly, the order in which it is distributed.

Pieces of a Man - The Précis
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