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Reading Syllabus

  • Color of Law: Richard Rothstein

  • Crabgrass Frontier: Kenneth T. Jackson

  • How White Folks Got So Rich: D.F.S Distributors

  • Making of the Second Ghetto: Arnold R. Hirsch

  • Warmth of The Sun: Isabel Wilkerson

  • When Affirmative Action was White: Ira Katznelson

  • Stuck In Place: Patrick Sharkey

  • Buried In the Bitter Waters: Jasper Elliot

  • American Apartheid: Douglas S. Massey

  • Dark Ghetto: Dr. Kenneth Clark

  • Family Properties: Beryl Satters

  • Great American City: Robert J. Sampson 

  • Postwar: History of Europe since 1945: Tony Judt

  • The G.I. Bill: Kathleen J. Frydl

  • Kept Out: (Article) Aaron Glantz and Emmanuel Martinez

  • Reclaiming Gotham: Juan Gonzalez 

  • What God Had Wrought: Daniel Walker Howe

  • Dream Hoarders: Richard Reeves

  • The Hidden Rules of Race: Andrea Flynn

  • Black Metropolis: St. Clair Drake 

  • Sundown Towns: James Loewen

  • The Color of Money: Mehrsa Baradaran

  • The Code of Capitol: How The Law Creates Wealth and Inequality: Katharine Pistor

  • Homewreckers: Aaron Glantz

  • A World More Concrete: Dr Nathan Connolly

  • Race For Profit:Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

"The consequences of growing up in a poor neighborhood is greater than being poor itself."
- Richard Rothstein, Color of Law



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