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Home Is Where The Hatred Is

Amid this parochial milieu of intersectional politics sired by 3rd wave feminism; an intentional overcasting of the black males' woes is now de rigueur. The need to highlight the urgency and moral imperative to underscore the colluding forces of the black males' incessant oppression in America is clear.

The permeating effects of white supremacy and the astringent nature of anti-black male misandry in America has jolted a push by cadres of black men to call for a contoured political advocacy. The dearth of attention to vital issues has prompted black men to liaise politically, economically, and socially with each other as a duty to black boys, creating a countervailing force against the social stigmas, suppression, oppression, and all around erasure of these ills.

As the biblical pericope of Matthew 25:40-45 states “whatsoever you do to the least of your brothers and sisters, you do unto me.” Since black males are the bottom caste of the bottom casted, this serves as the dialectic of my interest.

"Subjectivity stunts one's ability to make proper summation" - Chairman Fred Hampton Jr., Black Panther Party

A panoply of articles on a bevy of publications such as the New York Post, Black Enterprise, Blavity, the Washington Post, and USA Today (just to name a few) have been written by intersectional writers. Fraught with confirmation bias and tendentious assertions, these writings attempt to justify and reinforce federal pecuniary boons for a featherbedded group of white women and provide inconsequential trinkets for black women, in turn stifling justice claims for black people.

The miasma of intersectional feminism wafts through this unscrupulous political environment which the evisceration of black males' needs is the summum bonum . The omission of the black males' needs coupled with the anti-black male misandrous undertones is the motif of such publications, which reeks of moral turpitude. In reality, according to credible research websites such as and their 2018 article 'The Inheritance of Black Poverty: It's All About the Men,' the data clearly shows black males as the group who languishes the most in America, in most sectors, and exactly why that is.

The Economist, Raj Chetty, clearly delineates the intergenerational poverty black males are funneled into as leading factors to a motley of social, economical, political, and health ills for America's subaltern group in the segment of his research titled 'Race and Economic Opportunity in the United States.' Racism is clearly the fulcrum to which this social dominance of white supremacy rests. With the help, of course, of white supremacy's historical co-author and gun moll, the American charter members of white feminism; stemming back to the days of the Suffrage movement with racists Carrie Chapman Catt and Elizabeth Cady Stanton at the helm.

The univocality to this anti-black misandrous ostinato is prompting a serious evaluation amongst academics in the Institutions of Black Male Studies. Intersectionality is a problematic predictive theory that uses intuitive notions, unsupported by statistical analysis. To put it bluntly, it is subterfuge used to siphon resources by intersectional feminist and abscond with the lucre at the expense of black men.

With Black Lives Matter (BLM) grifters like Patriss Cullors, Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson, et al. who have now jumped ship to other movements, after extracting the equity out of black male deaths, the fight is clear. The saliency of black men uniting to build a cooperative and laboring towards political advocacy is the order of the day. A failure to do so will ultimately relegate the group to extinction.

This is a battle cry!

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