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Message to the Messengers: A Response to Dr. Angela Jones, Ph.D.

Apparently there is a growing phenomenon called the 'Walk Away Wife Syndrome' that is resulting in 70% of divorces being initiated by women. In a recent segment of Isiah Factor Uncensored, Dr. Angela Jones Ph.D, therapist and sex expert says so blithely, yet matter-of-factly that it's "simply about lack of communication and dissatisfaction." She then began to emphasize that women are progressive, career driven, and advancing with divorce rates being even higher, at 90%, by women who are college educated. She implies that men aren't advancing without parsing out the reasons, conflating race as if we are all in the same boat in this country, while narcissistically placing the burden of this dyadic institution on men. Irresponsible and lopsided statements like these from a Ph.D without empirical data and statistical sources are menacing and reeks of a virulently, cankerous gynocentrism. Feminism by any other name smells just as odious.

According to an excerpt from "After years of trying unsuccessfully to improve things, a wife may eventually surrender and convince herself that change isn't possible. She may end up believing there's absolutely nothing she can do because nothing's worked so far; and she begins to carefully map out the logistics of what she considers to be the inevitable - a divorce."

With modal verbs like 'may' repeated in this paragraph it reads like a passage from a Barbara Smith column.

When a social phenomenon arises, history becomes a very critical discipline in teasing out the facts and focusing on sequences to such phenomenon. Data void of context fashions a type of vestibule into austere policies and social stigmas with pungent ramifications for subaltern groups of a society. Black Americans are living embodiments of such consequences. Faux interpretations have spawned stigmatic notions such as welfare queens, super predators, crack babies, etc. It's of the utmost importance to understand that blacks who descend from ancestors subjected to slavery and Jim Crow have an artificial culture marionetted through decades of white social tinkering and tabulated by racist demographers, social scientists, technocrats, theories of racist criminologist, pseudo academicians, bureaucrats, and rabidly racist policing. So, the black experience here has been that of heteronomy.

When "therapists" and "counselors" like Dr. Angela Jones spout legerdemain guff by running roughshod over the differences between ethnic groups and leap head first into divorce rates; spackling over the issues of history and racism in this country which encompass class strata, quintile differentiations, occupations, ages, states, income, marriage rates vs divorce rates or what is referred to as the 'crude divorce rate,' etc., it raises a few questions. The first being, are we all white? If not, does this phenomenon that different races and cultures are being factored into arise out of the same issues as she so insouciantly infers? Secondly, is there a competitive undertone to this women, careers, and education portion she stated with a slight rictus grin? I'm curious to know what her agenda was while I listened dyspeptically to her gynofocal, feminesque pontificating. Especially when women, and in particular black women, are proffered an asymmetrical entrée into a higher education through federal subsidies at an electrified rate.

There is a haunting similitude in Dr. Jones's tone when education is broached reminiscent to the recent New York Post article by Ralph Richard Banks entitled 'Why More Black Women Should Consider Marrying White Men.' But I digress.

Without descending into the particulars of quintile/class, states, ages, income, occupations, etc., I'd like to touch on divorce in reference to the of history of race and blacks in this country. As the Los Angeles attorney, film producer, and Co-founder of the ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) movement, Antonio Moore has pointed out in numerous articles and videos, African-Americans are around 13% of the American population but own less than 2.6% of the wealth based on racial wealth gap studies conducted by As a result of the economic vulnerability that blacks face due to racism and the various discriminatory patterns created that intricately reinforce such a mare's nest, blacks are more susceptible to divorce. In other words, "divorce is a glowing indicia of poverty." So when Dr. Angela Jones parrots things like the 'Walkaway Wife Syndrome' being in part due to "dissatisfaction" but omits this huge cause du jour to divorce, especially amongst blacks, there's a smattering of slight-of-hand going on from this "counselor." How misandrous!

In the 1965 report on black poverty 'The Negro Family: A Case For National Action' by Daniel Patrick Moynihan there is a portion referred to as the 'Moynihan Scissors' where the Sociologists demonstrated how blacks have a very peculiar subculture, matriarchal family structure, and even patterns of divorce rates due to the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. As the federal government dispensed more and more welfare benefits to black women, the marriage rate declined and the divorce rates increased. It was the severing of the traditional family structure that still has this undulating current over 6 score years later with beleaguering results.

When mentioning the year being 2022, I think it's safe to assume that Dr. Jones is making a contradistinction to a pre-affirmative action era and women's workforce participation. She incorrectly lumps black women in with white women when in fact, the former has always participated in the labor market as domestics due to the racial hierarchy of America pre and post slavery.

"The twig was bent early and it kept its shape throughout." - Randall Robinson, former Civil Rights Attorney,

On October 2, 1918 there was a newspaper article in Greenville, South Carolina entitled 'Negro Women To Be Put To Work'. Racist white homemakers who had husbands participating in World War I, and who also received governmental emoluments while their husbands were away, formed a council and tendered complaints about Negro women who were in the same position. They convinced the racist City and State Officials to put Negro women back to work for them as domestics helping them with day-to-day chores, raising multiple children, etc.

One of the complaints stated: "Wives of Colored soldiers getting a monthly allowance from the Government, have, a number of them declined to work on the grounds that they can get along without working according to reports. Others have flatly refused jobs without giving reason whatsoever, while still others pretend that they are employed, when as a matter of fact, they derive a living from illegitimate means."

Dr. Angela Jones's ahistorical reading of this "phenomenon" is risible, and her use of casuistry is palpable. Aggregating an American "phenomenon" while expunging the history of race when examining a "phenomenon" is a disservice to your audience and fuels the furnace to grossly misunderstanding the complexities and trip wires of racism. Her approach to the so-called 'Walkaway Wife Syndrome' finds residency in the same halls that racists against the teaching of 'Critical Race Theory' are in. In addition, this segment should be considered a morbidly warped divorce recrimination. Nothing more than a lopsided, gynocentric, anti-male "hit piece" emitting the effluvia of feminism.

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Oct 23, 2022

Sir Your scholarship is overwhelming “beyond“ Amazing. Sincerely,



Jun 08, 2022

You know ....I never got into the “angry black woman and/or man”, and the “feminist rhetoric” it’s a never ending argument. I just read, listen and learn from the billions of opinions and stay out the way. Black man and women, will never understand each other, in my opinion. The respect for each other is definitely gone, that’s where the disconnect is. Once the respect is gone, what’s left?!? The ongoing foolishness we see today. But well done, in terms of your work.

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